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The hammer action is a must when drilling concrete or masonry. A cordless drill is quite suitable for drilling materials like wood, plastic and steel, but for a little more you would an all round drill in a cordless hammer drill.




These drills can also be used as a power screw driver and with the reverse gear you are able to unscrew tight screws with ease. They come in 2 speeds and some have variable speed control also.


Powerful Ryobi cordless hammer drills have a second handle attached to allow you grab the drill with both hands when drilling hard surfaces or when using large bits. These drills come with keyless chucks and capable of taking half inch or 13mm bits.One thing to remember if you want  a hole half inch in diameter , begin with a small bit and use a several  bits in between before using the half inch bit. This will prolong the life of your drill and is also a safe manner in which to work in.


Whether you use a powerful, cordless hammer drill or a mains electric drill the main requirement to drill holes especially in steel is a sharp bit; Bits for drilling steel lose their sharpness over time but can be sharpened on a grinding stone to their original state. One tip is to use some cooling liquid like oil or a mixture of oil and water; this will help to maintain the lifespan of the bits.


Safety Using Cordless Hammer DrillWe at Patrick Galvin DIY Recommend when using a drill make sure to wear safety goggles and do not have any lose clothing like long sleeves which could get wound around the bit and cause a serious accident. These Cordless Hammer Drill  are not toys and care should be taken when using them Share and Enjoy:Share and Enjoy: Click here to see more tools info.


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