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Wooden Storage ShedSkip to contentSkip to contentYou have decided that a wooden storage shed is necessary because you just don’t have any more room in the garage or basement for any more stuff. You have a tight budget, so you consider building the shed yourself.


This can be a daunting undertaking if you do not have a suitable building plan. If you are a complete novice, you can start by using the pre-fabricated storage shed kit from your local building supply store.



It 's hard to make your own shed from scratch unless you have at least some basic carpentry skills. These necessary skills can be developed as the project progresses all you need is a little patience and a few tools.


By abiding by the following simple tips, building your shed will be a fun and satisfying experience.The first step, and this is extremely important, is how large a shed do you need. You will want to take into consideration the size of your lot and also, what will your future needs be.


Putting up a shed that you find is too small in a year is not a good idea so build the shed large enough so that you can accommodate the accumulation of more stuff as time goes on.


Bear in mind the local building regulations in your area as well. The height and proximity of your shed to your neighbor's lot line must be considered. Finally before making the decision on where you will erect your shed find out where the hydro, water and cable lines are situated on your property.


Next you want to consider choosing the correct storage shed plan. Only you know for sure what your skill level is.


Taking on a project that is very ornate and requires a journeyman level carpenters’ knowledge to interpret may not be the way to go. For a beginner a basic and simple design is more than likely the right choice.


Choosing a plan that includes a parts list with quantities and cut sizes for every element (i.e. ceiling rafters, wall studs etc.) of the shed makes the erection of the shed foolproof.When deciding what type of foundation your shed will be built on there are a couple of considerations to take into account.


If dampness is not an issue than a skin type foundation will suffice. With this kind of fund the shed can be moved in the future. If in fact moisture is a problem than a concrete foundation is necessary.


This apparently gives your shed more permanence because you will be affixed to a cement pad.The shed walls should be the next consideration. Assuming this is a wood construction you may want to insulate the walls. The easiest way to insulate is to have plywood walls inside and out with a lattice in between.


You can also stuff fibreglass or rock wool fibre batting between the walls studs. This is easy to do and is inexpensive as well. The doors on your shed should be your next concern. Larger double doors might be the best way to go if you are using the shed for lawn mowers and wheelbarrows.


If it is being used as a workshop where tools and building material are being moved in and out the larger doors will allow for easy access. Lot of care must be taken when measuring the doors as proper alignment is essential for the doors to open and close properly.


Last but not least is the type of roof your shed will have. Durability to withstand the elements and attractiveness are important. If you are living in an area that receives snow in the winter then a flat roof may not be the roof of choice.


 The best option would be a Gambrel roof like a barn or a Gable roof which is the most popular. Roof trusses will be needed for both these options but they are not difficult to build.Now Go For It!



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