Cleat Nailer Reviews

A Cleat Nailer is an essential tool for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. If you have been contemplating on putting up your own flooring at home, then this is a tool that is vital. 


As you choose from a range of tools, reliability, ease of use and efficiency are priority factors to be taken into account. There are many different sites providing customer reviews which will help you choose the right nailers.


When it comes to flooring, a cleat nailer is the best choice to ensure straight boards and perfect grooving for the floors.


Cleat Nailer refers to :


A power tool drives the cleats or nails into a hardwood through a sub floor in an appropriate angle to obtain well-made flooring.


They are often used with bamboo, hickory, Brazilian cheery and red oak hardwoods. The blind nailing application is often used where both the boards are forcefully joined together and a fastening or a cleat is driven. This method is ideal to ensure structural integrity for the hardboards as only half the thickness is used.


How does it work:


There are various types of tools such as the pneumatic tools and the power tools. A Pneumatic cleat nailer works on air compressor and have an air hose while the power nailers work on electric charge explosion or gas. The recommended power pressure is 70-120 psi, but with certain hi-Tec nailers, the required task and the model determine the pressure and the product manual will help you with this.


While laying a floor, the nailer’s nose is placed on the top interior portion of the board’s tongue and the nail is dispensed at the required angle into the flooring and sub flooring material. The angle at which the nail is driven is established by the cleat nailer post. This consolidates the joint between the two materials. Ensure the nail faces the first two materials as it moves over the wood to avoid any kind of displacement of boards. You may read the best wet saw in the market just click and read


The Benefits of a Cleat Nailer:

  • Cost effective
  • Saves time- good speed
  • Long lasting
  • Well made floor- this tool is specifically designed for laying the flooring


A Cleat Nailer is available in different sizes and you can choose one according to your requirements and budget. As you buy them, do take some time off to look through features and safety measures. This will ensure an enhanced, safe and effective flooring experience. Happy flooring!


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