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One of the major issues with air tools users is whether to repair or replace an air tool, this is a problem that has led to a variety of practices.


Most companies in the construction industry write off their tools after a five year period, but lots of users find it hard to throw their air tools away after five years thus it’s not rare to find tools that have been working for over ten years.


The older the air tool the lower the efficiency and moreover it doesn’t have improvements in technology.


In surveys it has been said that tools that are working with efficiency lower than 90% is actually costing the user money. The period of five years normally applies to companies where the air tool is used regularly, but in homes where the tool is used once in a while, the durability of the tool can be as high as over fifty years but only if it is maintained well.


When one thinks of repairing air tools the repair man is usually trained to access the costs of replacing the tools rather than repairing it. In most companies repairing is done by the maintenance department, and depending on the policy it might be beneficial to the company or lead to its down fall.


It is advised that one replaces air tools is the cost of repairs is above 50% the cost of a new one. For personal tools the repairman must be hired and thus one should enquire the repair parts cost rather than the repair fee when thinking of buying new tools.


Having spare parts and tools in a firm is encouraged since the losses that are experienced if a tool breaks up are usually high. But when one is dealing with air tools that have removable parts one should consider having spare parts of the tool, if a part happens to break down the presence of a replacement is quite advantageous to the worker. You also read the best cordless ratchet reviews


In replacing damaged parts one should have a guide that directs one on how to do the replacement, some of the home devices replacements can be easily done by searching for tips over the internet, but when one is dealing with complicated tools it is advised that one enlists the services of an expert.


If ones tools are complicated and one has knowledge on working with the tool one can simply conduct the replacements with ease.



The number of spare parts that one should have depends on the use of the air tool. If the tool is used regularly then one can store about two to three parts, but depending on the frequency of damage on the tool parts.


In cases of air tools such as of the drill, due to the high power small drill bits might be prone to damage as opposed to the larger drill bits thus the replacement parts need to be  more in number. Replacement parts are usually of the movable parts and the working parts that are often exposed to forces such as friction.



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